Growth Successes

Past is Prologue; Accountable Growth™

Dennis has applied the Accountable Growth™ Approach globally to organizations spanning professional, accounting, consulting and actuarial services, banking, telecommunications, outdoor adventure, adult education, as well as entrepreneurial and rural leadership development.

Dennis is proud to have become the Accountable Growth™ Coach by meeting his personal goal to first choose and sustain a behavior of accountability to himself, and his clients, before ever having developed the Accountable Growth™ Approach for sharing through Leadership, Business Development and Executive Coaching engagements.

Here are some of his successes:

“Dennis provided training and coaching in business development, sales effectiveness, and client relationship management to our senior team. During the time we worked with him, our large pursuit win rate almost doubled and our pipeline increased by 25%. Dennis helped instill a more disciplined focus around continuous business development – completely aligned with an emphasis on excellent client solutions and service delivery. I trust Dennis as a business partner. He is committed to providing real value to his clients.”

JD, Co-President,
Global HR Consulting & Outsourcing Firm

“Dennis made an indelible mark on our firm. Having hired him on January 2008, we were able to survive the Great Recession, doubling our new business development to offset what were drastic losses we all incurred.”

J.M. O’Sullivan, III, CPA,
Regional Business Advisory Firm

“We have made great progress developing the industry network that is required to get us in the door, but we have needed Dennis’ help in preparing sales calls on 1) the western world’s largest uranium producer, 2) the world’s largest gold producer outside South Africa, and 3) one of the ten largest mining companies in the world. Dennis clearly has expertise in his field. He can be relied upon to move quickly and decisively on a project.” We count on his continued assistance and guidance in building the firm’s global mining practice.”

BP, Managing Partner, Mining Sector,
Global Professional Services Firm

“Dennis has provided sales coaching and management to our firm since 2009. During this time, we’ve seen some great changes in our business development program — some examples: we recently landed the single largest opportunity that has ever been brought into the firm; people in the community have observed the enthusiasm level for sales in our rainmakers has risen and is infectious; and overall, if feels easier to “turn the wheel” of this aspect of our practice.”

AC, Chief Operating Officer,
Regional Business Advisory Firm

“Dennis is truly an expert in sales coaching. His style works very well as he is not “in your face.” He is deeply committed to our firm and firm sales results. His follow-up and communication skills are top-notch. We consider Dennis a true partner in our firm’s growth and success.”

MC, Chief Executive Officer,
Global Business Advisory Firm

“Dennis provided great input to assist us in the development of our own business development and selling skills. He presented to challenging audiences and won them over with his excellent knowledge, well prepared and presented content, and his overall manner. Dennis is a very credible business consultant with an excellent track record and a desire to assist and bring change. He is agile, can deal with many different types of people or people at different levels in their own skill set or development. I particularly liked the way Dennis followed through after his presentations to keep the learnings alive. Dennis is easy to engage with and very motivational.”

GB, Partner and Markets Leader, SE Asia,
Global Business Advisory Firm

“One of Dennis’ strengths is holding people accountable. This is critical to our ability to execute and implement a sustainable business development process. He understands the business of professional services. His focus is strategic while also providing an operational platform for success. I’ve known Dennis for a couple of years and engaged him to help our leaders meet their goal of creating a high performance firm. He’s proven to be true to his word, personable and a lot of fun to work with.”

SG, Chief Operating Officer,
Professional Business Advisory Firm

“Dennis has been a business partner of outstanding effectiveness and adaptability. He is the strongest key account manager with whom I have ever been associated. Three skills he possesses are 1) his ability to realistically appraise the business environmental conditions of potential clients, 2) his conceptualization of potential solutions regarding client challenges, and 3) the strength of client and consultant relationships he engenders. His track record as a manager and mentor also puts him head and shoulders above his peers.”

TC, Partner and Americas Leader, Talent Management,
Global HR Consulting & Outsourcing Firm