Accountable Growth™ Leadership Coaching

Assess Your Own Leadership and “Up Your Game”


Whenever accountability is in question, look up! Ask if these characteristics of Dennis’ Requiring Leadership Imperative, are part of leadership’s current approach:

  • Leading by example (do as I do…)
  • Skill development beyond technical capabilities
  • Clear goals, accountabilities and connected rewards
  • Ongoing coaching for sustainable improvement
  • Selective investment with ROI expectations

Dennis begins leadership coaching by diagnosing skills and attitudes then prioritizing areas of the greatest impact to address. Behavior modeling, training and coaching, using proven tools and processes are undertaken. Dennis holds his coachees accountable for goal setting and execution and expects results be delivered.

If the answer is no, or I don’t know, Dennis can motivate change and instill confidence through leadership coaching by helping high-functioning contributors adopt the principles of the Requiring Leadership Imperative.