The Requiring Leadership Imperative

The Limitless Potential of a Confident, Focused Team


Shaped on Dennis’ belief in the limitless potential of a confident, focused team, The Accountable Growth™ Approach, creates an environment where experience, judgment and self-confidence are the foundations for critical analysis and honest communication.

Each client engagement is tailored to the individual need with customized consultation, coaching and workshops. Dennis elevates skills by coaching adoption of the Guiding Principles of The Accountable Growth™ Approach.

The Requiring Leadership Imperative – Leadership Defined by Principle
Learn – from results-oriented coaching and through observing, discussing and practicing
Do – apply, debrief and repeat
Teach – connect to the Requiring Leadership Imperative and follow a proven method
Coach – connect to the Requiring Leadership Imperative and embrace accountability

Adoption of the Accountable Growth™ Approach, as a result of coaching received under The Requiring Leadership Imperative™, revolutionizes your organization, growing your clients and growing your bottom line.