Executive Coaching and Custom Workshops

Executive Coaching; Adopting the Accountable Growth™ Approach


Training is never enough.

Designed to affect real behavior change – and results – Dennis, the Accountable Growth™ Coach, encourages high potentials who want to improve results to engage in his Executive Coaching program.

After baseline assessment, Dennis coaches these executives in person, on the phone or on-line. Working together, they set achievable goals, plan and execute actions, then follow-up for debriefing and further action planning.

Coaching sessions are typically one hour in length on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis – over not less than 6 months. Experience has taught Dennis sustainable behavior change typically takes professionals a minimum 18 months of consistent coaching and feedback.

Designing, Customizing & Delivering Interactive Workshops and Programs

Workshop and Program content is selected and customized from multiple years of applying methods that have proven successful. Dennis shares the concepts, models the behavior, and then gives participants the opportunity to apply in a safe environment with feedback, before participants plan and execute in the real world.

Dennis’ custom workshops are comprised of proven sessions such as:

The Accountable Growth™ Approach The Business Development Scorecard
The Lead Generation Program The Strategic Sales Opportunity Profile
Converting Prospects into Appointments and Appointments into Revenue The Client and Partner Focus Group
The Business Development Program Assessment The Sales Cycle Actions and Tool
The Core Sales Skills Program The Qualification Assessment Checklist
The Plan to Win Program The Debriefing Checklist
Making Your Firm More Competitive The Client Satisfaction Interview
The Growth Leader Development Program The Strategic Account Review
The Client Service Model