Introducing The Accountable Growth™ Approach

Show me a leader who recognizes that ‘the buck stops here’ and I’ll show you someone who understands accountability. Every credible leader has to be accountable for growth and needs team members who will also step up and be accountable. Often, future leaders are technically sound but need guidance and coaching to excel in the business development arena. The Accountable Growth™ Approach provides a proven method to accomplish this.
– Dennis MacGillivray


The Accountable Growth™ Approach is the result of Dennis’ 25+ years of being accountable for growth in the complex and sometimes relationship-challenging environment of the Big 4 and other professional services firms and their extremely demanding clients.

Dennis has been credited with architecting and executing client relationship transformation and target account strategy in over 20 offices in the Big 4 environment. He has led teams from a variety of practices to move up-market, cross-sell and penetrate strategic clients for a greater share of their wallet. He has demonstrated successful results in businesses that range from small, regional office environments right up to multiple global accounts. Some examples include:

• Expanding national penetration for one client from 1 to 6 service lines in 12 months
• Tripling revenue from six clients ($20M to $62M) in 18 months
• Driving global revenue for one client from $3M to $32M in 24 months

Dennis’ business development experience, combined with thousands of hours instructing, coaching and implementing the proven fundamentals of Dale Carnegie, Miller Heiman, MBTI and Strengths Finder, as well as customized solutions for professional services firms, makes him the perfect advisor to help grow an organization.

Some of Our Services:


The Requiring Leadership Imperative

The Accountable Growth™ Approach creates an environment where experience, judgment and self-confidence are the foundations for analysis & communication.


Accountable Growth™ Leadership Coaching

Tailored to the individual, team or institution, Dennis leverages current tools used by a firm, and supplements with tested methods to provide maximum results while minimizing duplication.


Business Development Skills Analysis & Coaching

Assess key business development skills, prioritize strengths to develop, then execute and monitor a plan for results.



Strategic Client Risk Assessment

Consider the clients representing 80% of your revenue. What percentage of their spend is with your firm? With others? Use The Strategic Client Risk Assessment to know and understand how to position for sustainable revenue and growth.


Executive Coaching and Custom Workshops

Listen, observe and practice with a coach who has deep, relevant business development experience using a practical, results-oriented approach.


Speaking Engagements & Professional Articles

Dennis gets the audience involved, mixing inspiration with hard-hitting examples. Participants are challenged to find some form of measurable action as they begin adoption of the Accountable Growth™ Approach.